Ditching your soul-sucking 9-to-5 job and starting a food carts business

Did you know? According to Indeed.com, the average chef in a restaurant in the US makes $15.03 per hour. That’s a few pennies above the minimum wage in at least half a dozen states.

You work in the culinary industry for years and then you realize one day there is a limit to your level of success in a brick and mortar restaurant. There are few opportunities for growth. And you may feel that unless you work for a high-end, Michelin-star restaurant, there is little fulfillment for you continuing to work in a restaurant-style setting.

So now if you’re looking for more in life, you may be thinking to yourself, is there a better way to invest my culinary skills other than to take on another dead-end restaurant job? An opportunity where I reap all the benefits of my cooking ideas and the extraordinary dishes that I toil to make. One where I can move to wherever I want to be, enjoy a mobile lifestyle, have complete flexibility, and even employ others (including my friends and family)?

The good news is that there is! In this article I will list just a few reasons why a mobile food carts business is a reliable, easy and fun to run business. And why you need to ditch any 9-to-5 foods-related job to invest in this life-changing business venture.

1. It’s all in your hands

If you’ve worked in a restaurant setting, you’re limited by the owner’s menu. You’re not allowed to experiment and try to find the most delicious, best serving dish. You’re just hired there to cook and serve the same menu a million times over. But that’s not the case with food carts. You have control and your level success is in your hands. You can make your own menu, and serve exactly what you know will sell based on your tremendous years of experience. Nobody can tell you how to make your tacos, chicken wings, or burgers. You server them exactly the way you know how. And you will be proportionately rewarded as per the tastiness of your meals.

2. A unique journey

What comes to mind when you think of food carts? Perhaps hot dogs or pizzas? But, these days, you may be surprised that such traditional fast foods are being hugely outcompeted by more unique-tasting and variety foods. That’s right, if you are planning to make a plain old hot dog – then you may just as well forget it, you will quickly flatten your sales. Instead, what you should be focusing on is making your dish completely different than anybody else’s. Maybe your hot doggy is spicier, maybe it has different home-made toppings, and maybe it’s wrapped in crazy colored buns – you get the point. The secret to success is to make yours as distinctive and unique so that you can eventually turn your food cart business into a successful and famous franchise.

3. Endless possibilities

When you have a food cart, the world is your oyster. You can go anywhere and cook anything. Take, for instance, the story of The Halal Guys. They started from a single cart with very humble beginnings. But over time, their business flourished thanks to their dedication and work ethic. They put in the hard work and before long they grew their business into a franchise. In 2017, they ranked #1 in the restaurant Future 50 list. All from a single food cart! They offered authentic dishes that fed a growing population of Muslim cab drivers in NYC. They had a solid plan that leveraged on their knowledge of a unique cuisine and offered a dish that no other nearby restaurant had on the menu. Thus, they quickly dominated the market and became hugely successful. Their story proves that there is appetite for hearty, authentic food and if you establish your mobile foods business along these guidelines, you too can be hugely successful.

4. Business stability

A traditional restaurant is fixed to a location. That means it is solely dependent on the location for its means of income. If the location isn’t working, then there’s not much the owner can do. It’s really just tough luck for them and sooner or later the restaurant will run of out of capital and will shut down. But this isn’t the case with food carts! In fact, it one of your main strengths in running a foods business. You can move your carts anywhere where you see the most success. That ultimately translates to more stability for this type of business. That’s why we often hear the phrases “location, location, location” when we talk to owners. A recent survey conducted from hundreds of food carts shows the best locations to operate are adjacent of art galleries, concerts, shopping centers, and special outdoor events.


The verdict is in. Running a restaurant, or working in one, in today’s modern age leaves little room for growth. If you want to advance in your foods career, there are limited options and you are restricted by your menu and location as well as market conditions. On the other hands, running a food carts business has never been easier. Thousands of smart and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are taking the leap to start their own businesses and turn their lives around. The rewards are tremendous and a food carts business requires a minimum investment as per a brick and mortar restaurant. All you need is to trust in your culinary abilities and know your locations. If you can do that, you will serve delicious foods to your customers and make this dream into a reality.

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