Are food carts better than food trucks?

Street food is one of the best food business in the world because of the fast world and the need of the fast food everywhere plus did you know that research found that restaurants receive more safety and health violations than food carts or trucks but there is always a big competition between the food carts and the food trucks in this arena of street food let's see which one is better

Basic Intro

A food cart, in clear words, is a mobile kitchen, that is established on the street to facilitate the sales of the street food to people. Whereas Food trucks are clean, convenient and capable of serving a wide variety of mouth-watering street food. You can have fresh food prepared and served to your customers right away. Food truck business is catching up at a great speed due to the mobility factor.



Food carts are relatively small and easily movable from one place to another but food trucks have a distinct advantage with the engine off the food truck you can drive it anywhere you want without much of a hustle in case of food carts you need to use manpower or buy additional vehicle for moving it from one place to another


This is a really important and immediate factor when you are starting a business the cost factor the first question when starting a business comes in mind is it in my budget or can I afford it in case of food trucks the food trucks can be expensive you might have to take a loan or a credit from the bank to purchase a food truck so you will be paying the bank with a whooping amount plus the interest that will be charged over the time period of the loan Since food trucks have engines in them you should not forget that there will be a long and expensive maintenance bills for these food trucks you also need to have clearing license for these vehicles to run on the road

The food carts are no doubt the inexpensive option here if you're just starting out your business then a food cart is your affordable option if you’re planning to buy a food cart you can buy it straight away without a loan from the bank or you can loan some amount of money from your friends and family to actually start your food cart business and since there is no engine involved you don't get the long and expensive maintenance bills like in the case of food trucks

Start solo

Since you're planning to start out your business in food industry and you are low on and budget means it's tough to hire someone and pay them a payroll on a weekly or a monthly basis sadly food trucks need at least two people to operate it but food cart can be started alone.

 Now you know major differences between a food truck and a food cart so you now know that a food truck will require A bigger investment as compared to a food cart. plus, it also needs a lot of maintenance also if you're planning to sell food that is actually pre made like hot dogs you can use a food cart that is a really affordable option. But if you really want to sell something that you need to cook on the spot like pizza you need to have a food truck.