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At Food Carts, we are proud to put our expert team’s diverse knowledge base to work for you. We offer the best food cart trailers to our clients in the USA and around the world.

We are a professional procurement agency for the manufacturing of food carts and trailers headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We have business partnerships with various manufacturers around the globe as well as in Canada and work tirelessly to offer the best and latest cart design options and models available tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Our team’s experience and connections means our clients are offered professional consultation during the food cart selection, design and customization process all the way to the actual sale and final delivery of the product.


Partners in Countries

Our main business manufacturing partners are based in the following major countries:







Our Target Market

Our targeted clientele are typically individual entities and business partnerships residing in the United States, and are in the following major states:





North Carolina


Why Chooose Us

Our team of professionals offer consultation and support from the beginning to end of each manufacturing project, starting with the design of food carts and then afterwards providing updates and support on the shipping and logistics right up to the final delivery to the client’s doorsteps.

Our diverse business partnerships allow us to offer the best and most affordable prices to our clients. Our team of professionals use our database of available suppliers, designers, and manufacturing partners to offer consultation and the best available deals to our clients, saving them not only thousands of dollars in their investments but also their time.

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Professional Services


Manufacturing food trailers begins with a client contacting us with a request for a quote. Once submitted, our team of experts reviews the submissions and evaluates feasibility of the requirements with regards to manufacturing. Depending on the complexity of the inquiry, we will provide recommendations if a request is not feasible and provide the client with a detailed breakdown of the costs for the kitchen equipment and the cart selected. And this is a common but important question that we are asked, but yes, our team of experts are trained and knowledgeable with the most up-to-date information and can provide consultation and alternative solutions whenever a design is not practical or the number of equipment exceeds the space the cart can reasonably accomodate. In such cases, we will provide alternate recommendations to help the client in making an informed decision.


We offer our clients ultimate flexibility in the customization of their food carts. By working directly with them, we provide professional floor plan designs and go through a series of revisions until the client is fully satisfied. To aid us with the initial revision, we often ask our clients to submit their request by submitting a rough drawing or sketch outlining their requirements to Once our design team reviews the inquiry and responds back with a detailed layout, we then ask for approval before proceeding with the next steps. You can also submit the logo or design you want for your business and we can work with you to see if we can convert it into a matching decal for the food trailer.


Our legal team can draft legally-binding commercial purchase agreements to ensure peace of mind. At the client’s request, we are also open to negotiating the terms of the contract. We have the option of drafting contracts with help from our legal representatives and coordinating with the client on the terms that will be agreeable to both parties. In other scenarios where the client needs further assurance of our product, at our discretion, we may offer to send samples of our kitchen and appliance accessory equipment at cost of shipping in order to gain for our client to get a better understanding of the product quality.


We accept credit card transactions via VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or Direct Debit at this time for deposits. We offer our clients flexibility in payments through a small start-up deposit and then subsequent instalments to keep production going as the food cart design moves into the manufacturing phase. Our customers can expect to pay some of the lowest deposits in the industry as we work to arrange for the best prices on the specific model and type of food cart chosen. This is typically where our clients save thousands of dollars. Our prices are fixed, upfront and we do not charge our clients any hidden payment or processing fees.


We immediately begin the manufacturing of a food cart as soon as the first payment is received. As progress is made on the food cart, we update our client on the production status and give updates on a weekly basis. Photos and video updates are sent directly from the shop floor to our client so they can review the process and ensure fabrication is progressing smoothly as expected. Thus, by doing so, we provide our clients complete transparency and virtual interaction during the manufacturing phase of their food cart. As progress is made on the food cart, we continue to update the customer on the delivery timeline, prepare for shipping arrangements and provide other value-added services.


We offer doorstep delivery to our customers. This saves our customers time and money from having to travel to a port or distribution warehouse to pick up their new cart. The food cart normally arrives at the back of a freight transport trailer. We do everything on our end to ensure the food cart and its equipment and other content is properly packaged and bubble wrapped so as to protect it from damage during transport. We provide our customers with ahead of time guidance and instructions on what to expect during delivery but in certain cases the unloading may require a forklift. However, for the sake of our customer’s ultimate convenience, we also offer the option of us handling the unloading of the food cart from our end by charging and arranging for it at cost. As such, our customers can rest assured that they will be well informed, that they will be consulted for any arrangements beforehand, and that they will be offered the shipping option that best suits their needs.