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From manufacturing phase all the way to shipping right to your doorstep, our experts work tireless to make sure our customers are cared for.


Our all-inclusive pricing is as simple as it sounds. There are no premium fees, loading charges, or hidden costs. Pricing that doesn’t break the bank.

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Your time is money. As our client, your business is treated like our own, and that’s why we consistently provide timely delivery on each food cart.


Our customers are guaranteed quality! We offer 1-Year limited warranty on the cart and on all the kitchen appliances supplied with each unit sold.


None of our standard models suit your needs? No problem, simply contact us to customize each unit to meet your specifications and requirements.

Health & Safety Code

Our expert professionals can provide consulting on the health and safety codes for each State or jurisdiction being shipped to.


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Customer Feedback

They built my dream food cart without breaking the bank. They literally saved me thousands of dollars!

Adam Bowden

I love the regular picture and video updates they sent me during manufacturing. I was able to witness my own cart being built from scratch. Do not hesitate!

 Dawn Morgan

If you’re still undecided about food carts, you’ve come to the right place! They provide a quote on your specially designed cart, and give you a firm delivery date

 Tyrell Stuart

They built my food trailer while ensuring that it would meet the health and safety code requirements of my State. You won’t find better!

 Shayla Prentice

They customize for all the kitchen appliances you need. They helped take away all the stress and worry of finding the right food cart off my shoulders!

 James Fraser


Customization & Delivery

We offer our clients ultimate flexibility in the customization of their food carts. By working directly with them, we provide professional floor plan designs and go through a series of revisions until the client is fully satisfied. To aid us with the initial revision, we often ask our clients to submit their request by submitting a rough drawing or sketch outlining their requirements to design@foodcartsmanufacturing.com .

Once our design team reviews the inquiry and responds back with a detailed layout, we then ask for approval before proceeding with the next steps. You can also submit the logo or design you want for your business and we can work with you to see if we can convert it into a matching decal for the food trailer.

We offer doorstep delivery to our customers. This saves our customers time and money from having to travel to a port or distribution warehouse to pick up their new cart. The food cart normally arrives at the back of a freight transport trailer. We do everything on our end to ensure the food cart and its equipment and other content is properly packaged and bubble wrapped so as to protect it from damage during transport. We provide our customers with ahead of time guidance and instructions on what to expect during delivery but in certain cases the unloading may require a forklift. For the sake of our customer’s ultimate convenience, we also offer the option of us handling the unloading of the food cart from our end by charging and arranging for it at cost. As such, our customers can rest assured that they will be well informed, that they will be consulted for any arrangements beforehand, and that they will be offered the shipping option that best suits their needs.