Ready-to-Ship Bistro Cart

Ready-to-Ship Bistro Cart

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2024 FCM Ready-to-Ship Cart | 9'10"x 6'6"|

Are you eager to kickstart your food cart business promptly?

Consider investing in a brand-new one instead of opting for a pre-owned food cart by choosing our Ready to Ship Cart, equipped with an under-the-counter workbench fridge, generator box, air conditioning, trash can, ample storage space, and numerous other features.

Product Specifications:
External Dims: 9' 10" (l) x 6' 6" (w) x  6' 10" (h)
Internal Dims: 9' 6" (l) x 6' 0" (w) x 6' 4" (h)
Material: High-strength galvanized metal
Gross Weight: 1500 lbs

    Item Features: 

    Single-Axle Bistro Style Cart
    Paint it in the color of your choice
    3+1 Warewashing and Handsink
    Workbench Whole Fridge
    Under Counter Shelving
    AC (Dual: Hot and Cooling)
    Instant Hot Water Heater
    Bar Ledge
    Double Axle Cyclone Wheels
    201-Grade Stainless Steel Counters
    Aluminum Diamond non-slip Floors
    Premium LED lighting
    Potable Clean & Wastewater Tanks (11G Clean, 18 G Waste)
    Hot and Cold Water Pump
    American Electrical 110V
    Electrical Breaker Panel
    External Power Connection
    Vehicle Jacks
    2" Ball Mount
    Water Injection Port
    Generator Box
    Trash Bin  

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    Ask Questions

    Where are you located?
    We are a general food cart contracting firm headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with manufacturing operations in Asia.
    Can the size, appearance and color of your food trailer be customized?
    Yes, these can be customized according to your requirements. To view our full selection of available color palettes, please contact us for the color chart and let us know your color preference.
    What kinds of kitchen equipment are available?
    Fryers, ovens, refrigerators and more. Please contact us to get a complete list of kitchen equipment catalog.
    What certifications do your food trailer pass?
    CE, ISO, VIN. In addition, all trailers we build can be customized to meet and adhere to individual State and local health and regulatory requirements.
    What is your turnaround and shipping time?
    Turnaround time for manufacturing is usually 8 to 10 business weeks. Thereafter, you will be provided with shipping and tracking with an estimate of delivery time by the carrier.
    How do I pay you?
    We offer many trusted payment channels, including PayPal, Stripe, or Transferwise with additional 2.9% transfer fees. We can accomodate direct bank transfer with no fees. We can accommodate any mode of payment per the customer’s preferences.
    Why is it safe to buy from you versus others?
    We also offer to draw up formal legal agreements of purchase so you can rest assured that we will deliver per our agreements. But you do not need to worry as at any time as we will be sending you updates with photos and videos of your trailer’s production and also shipping documents as proof.
    How much deposit is required?
    We typically required anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 to start manufacturing depending on the size and functionality of your food cart. You may pay for the balance upfront or you may pay in instalments as the trailer is built.
    What is your warranty policy?
    We offer a 1 year warranty on our trailers and all the kitchen equipment and accessory equipment sold with them as addons.
    Can you brand and print my logo or graphics on the food cart or customize the color?
    Yes. We can customize the food cart trailer to any color of your choice. Also, we can easily print your logo or graphics on the food cart once we receive the artwork from you.


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